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<P>How To Create a Home Office when Space is at a Premium While working from home has many advantages no commute, less money spent on clothing and lunches it presents some challenges. Some are psychological or emotional and some are practical. Some people miss the social network of an office culture when working from home. For others, it's difficult to balance family needs with office time; it's harder to get a last minute sitter for a sick child if you're working from home, even if your work needs your undivided attention that day. Another challenge is finding the space for your home office. Here are some thoughts on creating a home office and solutions for carving a space out of other rooms in the house.</P>

<P>A room that does double duty The first option for most home offices is an extra bedroom. <B><a href="">valentino sneakers</a></B> If you have a guest room that is used only occasionally, that is an ideal choice for a home office. Even if you still have an overnight guest from time to time, a sofa bed or futon can quickly convert the room from office to bedroom. An armoire can house your printer and electronic media. Files and supplies could also have a shelf that stores extra pillows, sheets, blankets and guest towels. Vacuumsealing plastic bags allows you to minimize the space needed for these necessities and also keeps bedding fresh and dust free.</P>

<P>If a guest room is not an option, try to pick a quiet area of the house away from the hub of family activity. Perhaps there is a nook at the top of the staircase, a bonus room over the garage, or <B><a href="">valentino sneakers sale</a></B> a section of finished basement that can be utilized. While it may be tempting to tuck an office into a corner of your master bedroom, it is not a good idea. While it may be possible to incorporate a sitting room off the master bedroom as an office, you do not want your computer and piles of work to be the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night.</P>

<P>If you have a large great room or family room, could a corner of that room <STRONG> </STRONG>be used? Invest in a computer armoire that not only holds your computer and printer, but has drawer space for files and supplies. A complementary hutch and bookcase combo that has drawer space will allow you to keep necessary items out of sight and provides display space for books, photos or decorative accessories. Organize a closet in the room to efficiently store supplies and files.</P>

<P>When incorporating office space with living space, get away from the notion that office furniture and accessories must look Spartan and drab to be professional. Fabric colored boxes and lined baskets allow for storage with style. Your desktop can look fashionable and related to the dcor of the rest of the room. For instance, a pretty ceramic vase can hold pens and pencils. <B><a href="">valentino sneakers for cheap</a></B> Your desk lamp can be stylish instead of industrial. An antique trunk can hold hanging files, and an upholstered wing back chair can be your desk chair. Color, pattern, fabrics, lighting, wall art and accessories have as much impact in a home office as they do in the rest of the home.</P>

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Carried to the Mob Before flash mobs became a fashionable way to confuse tourists, the earliest meetups spread through technology were used as political tools. The Philippines and Spain had already seen protests form through text message and cell phone; the 1999 World Trade Organization riots in Seattle were mobilized through cell phone contact.

More recently, the world was introduced to flash mobs that were (literally) revolutionary. In 2010, an Egyptian flash mob was organized through Facebook to protest the killing of a young man by Alexandrian police. The "Silent Protest" was simple. Participants lined up and faced the ocean in silence, before marching away single valentino sneakers file.

This protest in many ways valentino sneakers on sale foreshadowed the events of early 2011, when Egyptians formed spontaneous protests through social media that eventually led to the resignation of thenpresident Hosni Mubarak.

Mobs valentino sneakers sale with a politicallyoriented bent were also seen in the United States. In the early days of flash mobs, Garry Trudeau wrote an invite into a September 2003 "Doonesbury" comic. The mob wasn't just a fun way to capitalize on a trend: it also served to advertise a meet up to support thenpresidential candidate Howard Dean.


While "flash mobs" generally refer to the spontaneous gatherings started in 2003 by Bill Wasik, there are other groups such as Improv Everywhere that create flash mobtype scenes. Although Improv Everywhere's 2001 founding actually predates Wasik's flash mobs, their scenes are a bit different. Instead of quick, choreographed meetups, their scenes are more like public pranks (a subway inexplicably filled with pantless commuters, a Best Buy filled with nonemployees wearing the uniforms of the staff). Their "missions" are also only occasionally open to all volunteers, and Improv Everywhere regulars usually execute the missions.